Politics on Cookies

Our web site masvalenti1511. com uses this technology, in order to be able to obtain information about the use of the web site, improve the experience of the user and to guarantee its correct functioning.

Definition of Cookie

The COOKIES is fragments of information that are stored on the hard disk of the visitor by request of the servant of the page. This information can be recovered later by the servant in later visits. The information that the COOKIE generates on the use of the web (including the direction IP) will be transmitted straight and it kept by Google in the servants of the United States.

Cookies used to our web site

Our web site uses so much proper COOKIES, which are the envoys to its device and managed exclusively by us for the best functioning of the web site, as COOKIES of third, with the function to make use like tool of analysis of the interaction of the users with our web. Thanks to them we obtain an information that can help us to improve the navigation and give a better service to the users.

Our web site uses so much temporary COOKIES of meeting like persistent COOKIES. The meeting COOKIES stores information only while the user gains access in the web, and the persistent COOKIES stores the information in the terminal so that they are accessible and used in more than one meeting.


On having sailed and having continued in our web site, the user will be withstanding the use of the COOKIES earlier enunciated, for the special period, and in the conditions contained in the present Politics of COOKIES.

Likewise, we inform it that if you consult contents of our web lodged in webs of third, these have their own COOKIES politics.

Retreat of the assent

The user will be able to withdraw in any moment its assent related to this Politics of COOKIES, that’s why it will have to eliminate the COOKIES stored in its team using the adjustments and configurations of its Internet navigator.

Modification of the configuration of the Cookies

The user can restrict, block or erase the COOKIES of any web site, using its navigator.

Update of the politics of Cookies

This web site can modify this Politics on COOKIES, that’s why we recommend to him to check this politics whenever he gains access to our web site to be informed appropriately about the use that we make of the COOKIES.