Annulment of the reservation

The annulment of the reservation will give place to retain the following quantities:

> 50% of the pay and sign when the annulment of the reservation is done between 7 and 15 days of advance to the date of entry to the accommodation.
> 100% of the pay and sign, when the annulment is carried out with less 7 days of advance to the date of entry to the accommodation.

In case of the rent of the entire house, the two previous conditions will turn out to be extended to 15 days to the date of entry to the accommodation.

In case of annulment in less than fifteen days, for force majeure circumstances, and any time it is possible to credit and/or to demonstrate, changes of date will be allowed, but in no case he will return himself the deposit of the pay and sign.

Indemnification for resignation of the stay

If the client of the accommodation leaves it before the date that had his private room, he will have to pay the total value for the days that remain dependent on the stay.

Schedules of arrivals and exits

The entry schedule is 17. 00 at 20. 00 hours and the exit will have to be carried out before the 12. 00 of the morning of the day of the march. If it is not possible to fit to this schedule he will have to contact with the owner or person in charge to specify another schedule (any time the owner has availability, that not obligation).

In case of weekend stays, and only in the rent of the entire house, the exit can be late until the evening, whenever it does not coincide with the entry of another client and has agreed on it with the owner.

Form of payment

At the moment of carrying the reservation out it is necessary to do a pay and sign of 30 % of the total value (50 % if the amount of the reservation is superior to 1. 200 €).

If spent 3 days from the assertion the pay and sign has not been received, Mas Valentí 1511 reserves the right to cancel the reservation without previous notice.
The remaining amount, it will be necessary to pay at the arrival in cash or credit card.

Inventory of the house

The house has the equipment necessary for the persons who occupy it. If at the moment of coming they observe that there is missing something (glasses, plates, …) have to communicate it to the person in charge. In the same way, and if during its stay something breaks, it is necessary that they communicate it to the person in charge, and possibly, to restore it.

Obligations of the client

The occupation of the accommodation, both in independent rooms, and of the entire house, will be of a minimum of two nights, and it will limit itself to the number of persons that is indicated in the characteristics of the accommodation, counting also the children (who should go without their own cradle and should have more than 2 years) like persons to effects of the occupation. 
The owner or person responsible for the accommodation, will be able to prevent the entry to the accommodation in case of exceeding the authorized number or without fulfilling this requisite. If it is detected that during the stay there is a top number of persons to the authorized one, the reservation will remain automatically cancelled, being able to proceed to the eviction of the house.

For hygienic reasons, it is allowed to eat in the rooms.
In case of rent of independent rooms with included breakfast, the guests have not a right to kitchen not to make use of the kitchen equipment, except those that the direction indicates.

Towels cannot be hung by the window. The farmhouse has a towels clothesline in the veranda of the garden.
It is not allowed to smoke inside the house.
In case of the rent of the entire house, the guests have the obligation to leave the quiet and presentable accommodation.
This includes (orientativamente) that the china has to be clean and placed in its place, the icebox without meal remains, and the empty garbage. If the guests do not leave the accommodation in the state previously said, the owner reserves the right to cover any expense of extra cleanliness across the deposit.

The guests have to respect the neighbors, and in case of negligence or inadequate behavior, Mas Valentí 1511 reserves the right to annul the reservation with immediate effect and without previous notice. In this case mas Valentí will not have the obligation to return the amount of the rent paid for the client. For the well-being of the neighbors, the holidays achievement is allowed neither do not even do not even to put music in the exterior of the accommodation from 22 A.M.

It Bails

In case of renting the house he informs, and only in this case, the deposit to be deposited at the moment of the arrival to the house is 500 € in case of rent of one week or more days, and 300 € for less than seven days, to pay in cash. This one will return in the maximum space of 2 days, from the date of exit, to be able to verify the correct state of the accommodation. In case of damages Mas Valentí 1511 reserves the right to retain the pertinent quantity to cover the cost of the caused damages. In case of damages superior to the mentioned amount, Mas Valentí 1511 will adopt the pertinent legal actions.